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File-Ex 3 Beta Revisions

v beta November 11th, 2002

  • Fixes and minor tweaks:
    • Fixed column width remembering in XP
    • Fixed so column widths are remembered when just changing views back and forth
    • Fixed problem of snapping back columns when sizing the window or columns, causing a re-paint
    • Removed the unnecessary "ignored" dialogs from the trained templates

v beta November 10th, 2002

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed a sorting bug in non-details views for Windows 98/Me

v beta November 10th, 2002

  • Additional features:
    • It can now remember the column widths in details view (once you stretch them manually, they will stick if this option is set)
    • Sorting! You can set the default sorting (name, type, size, or date), and the direction (ascending or descending)
    • Regardless of sort direction, you can force the folders to be at the top or bottom of the list
    • NEW - Portuguese version. (I'm looking for volunteers to do translations for Spanish, French, Dutch, and Italian... or any others!)
  • Fixes and minor tweaks:
    • Fixed the old problem of "hidden" dialogs in MS Office apps (dialogs that had to be trained to "ignore")
    • If the exporer crashes, File-Ex's icon is restored to the taskbar tray automatically
    • Added a clickable web link to the configuration screen
    • The German version's Setup program is translated

v beta November 1st, 2002

  • Additional features:
    • Added functions to Edit Recent Files and Folders. These are in the Recent lists themselves, like the Edit Favorites functions (and can be turned off in the configuration).
    • The Edit Recent functions can also auto-delete all orphaned entries (paths/files that no longer exist)
  • Fixes and minor tweaks:
    • Change the training order so that it asks Add/Replace/Ignore before Open/Save/Folder (since if it's Ignored, there's no need to ask the type).
    • Made the Edit Favorites lists multi-selection (so you can delete more than one at a time).
    • Edit Favorites -- Disable Move Up/Down & Delete buttons when they don't apply
    • Recent list -- fix so the "All Apps" separator line is still present if "include headers" is turned off
    • Configuration -- grey out enlargement controls if remember-last-size is checked
    • Fixed so it will still enlarge to last size used if remember-last-size checked, even if Enlarge option is not checked
    • Configuration, Show Icon -- fixed so the icon is shown immediately when Apply or OK is used (if Show icon is selected)
    • Fix the FE! button in trained dialogs so it can be pressed on any dialog (specifically an issue in Open Office)
    • Don't allow File-Ex to enhanceme dialogs while training (made it difficult to train dialogs that File-Ex has trouble with)
    • Added some training to the included templates:
      • Office 2000, Powerpoint 2000 "Format" and "Color" dlgs needed to be trained to be ignored
      • Office 2000, Word 2000 Insert Symbol trained to ignore
      • Office XP, Word XP Insert Symbol trained to ignore
      • Outlook XP and Outlook 2000 templates added

v beta (German only) August 29, 2002

  • Fixes and minor tweaks:
    • Fixed some translation errors
    • Fixed accelerator keys on file management buttons
    • Included new templates for German Office 97 and German Office 2000, which will hopefully work better
v beta August 27, 2002
  • Additional features:
    • Added the ability to train folder-selection dialogs (or anywhere you want to use File-Ex to select a path). Use the normal training, and select "Folder" instead of "Open" or "Save"
  • Fixes and minor tweaks:
    • Fixed the problem with distinguishing between Open and Save dialogs when training common dialogs
    • Fixed a problem with calculating the minimum dialog width for buttons to fit when a places-bar is present
    • If the screen is < 800 wide, don't include the Path->Clip button by default (the first time a new File-Ex installation runs only), so the dialog will fit on the screen
    • Fixed the Ctrl/Shift functionality for Win9x (eg. for disabling File-Ex)
    • Fixed so the current file info shows up when a dialog first opens (instead of just the current folder), for instance when saving a file that already exists

v beta August 25, 2002

  • Additional features:
    • Allow changing the data folder during installation
    • Added a file management button to copy the full file path to the clipboard ("Path->Clip")
    • Allow individual file management buttons to be hidden (in case it's too long with the extra button)
    • Allow hiding the "File-Ex" button
    • Added global favorite files and folders (Hooray!)
      • Adding and editing them is done through the list drop-downs, separate from the application favorites
      • Added configuration option to show global favorites or not
      • If Add/Edit Favorites commands are disabled, Ctrl-click on the list will add them temporarily (since having 2 sets of them not is rather cluttered, now you can turn that option off and still get them easily when needed.)
    • Added quick-disabling by clicking on the tray icon, and also show the current state:
      • Shift-click on icon will enable/disable for common dialogs
      • Ctrl-click on icon will enable/disable for trained dialogs
      • Shift-Ctrl-click will enable/disable for both
      • Pop-up hint for icon shows its state and how to change it.
      • Tray icon to show disabled states -- forward slash, backslash, or "X"
  • Fixes and minor tweaks:
    • Fixed filename-garbling for MS Office apps in Win9x
    • Don't try to set the cursor to an hourglass so soon, it caused some problems (stuck on sometimes)
    • Removed the ctrl-shift default for non-prompting disable, since it's too much of a mystery when File-Ex doesn't appear
    • Fixed so the info line is updated when a path is entered in the file edit box (and "Entered")
    • Fixed free disk space shown when > 4GB free
    • Added an error message if trying to go to a recent/favorite folder that doesn't exist
    • Fix so favorite folders can be entered without the ending backslash
    • Internally fix buffer lengths to avoid any possibility of path overflows
    • Internally fixed local-variable usage to avoid stack overflows in Win9x
    • Use Ansi instead of OEM for widechar conversion (might fix some filename character problems)
    • Fixed to not "force" the dialog to the last folder used when doing Save As on a trained common dialog (it still can't know for sure what folder to use on non-common dialogs)
    • Don't act on Ctrl/Shift disable keys if Alt is also pressed
    • Stretch the separators in the recent/favorite lists to the full width of the list so they stand out more
    • Made the Add/Edit favorite options stand out more (with arrows).
    • Avoid putting the prompt "(Select folder...)" in the Recent Files list when browsing from the Add Favorite Folder function
    • Fix so when a file is renamed, its new name goes in the file edit box.
    • Grey-out "not-applicable" controls on config dialogs when appropriate
    • Fixed filname-fitting in recent/favorite lists so a full sub-folder name isn't required (so longer filenames will fit)

v beta August 15, 2002

  • Initial public beta release

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