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File-Ex 3.0
for Windows XP, 2000, NT 4, ME, 98 and 95

File-Ex makes Windows file dialogs what they should be!

File-Ex feature summary:

File-Ex automatically adds a wealth of enhancements to the File Open and File Save dialogs of nearly all Windows applications, to save time and mouse clicks

Key Benefits:

  • Save time looking for files: access "favorite" and "recently used" files and folders right from your file open and save dialogs, or use the Find function.

  • Expand the view -- File-Ex enlarges your file dialogs to whatever size you like, up to full screen, allowing you to see many more files at once.

  • Sort the way you like -- by name, size, type or date, in either direction.

  • Manage files faster by having handy file management buttons available right from the open and save dialogs.

  • Avoid the frustration of having to start Explorer or a Command Prompt to do simple file management chores.

  • Use long file names in all of your old 16-bit applications. (Windows NT4/2000/XP only.)

  • Need to see it in action? ... Take the Tour !

Other useful features:

  • You'll have easy-to-use buttons added right to your application's file dialogs, making these functions available with just one click:
    • Delete file -- how many times have you started to open a file, and noticed some junk files that you don't need anymore?
    • Copy file -- make a copy before starting to work on a new file.
    • Move file -- move a file to another folder, even on another drive.
    • Rename file -- useful for making a backup before saving.
    • Make Dir -- makes organizing new files easy, right when you're saving!
    • Find files -- powerful search utility lets you search for the file you want to open.

  • Powerful training function allows File-Ex to be used in applications that don't use the "common" file or browse dialogs.
  • "Look In" and "File Type" drop-down lists are lengthened to minimize the need to scroll.
  • An information bar shows the selected file's size, date, time, and attributes. If no file is selected, it shows the full path of the current folder, and free disk space.
  • Drop-down lists with file and folder favorites and history let you select any of the last 100 files or folders you've used in each application (plus the last 100 used by any application), or any of 100 favorite files/folders, just by clicking!
  • Optionally default to the "Details" view, and it can remember the column widths to help avoid chopped-off names.
  • Optionally use the same size and/or position for every file dialog
  • Automatically start from the last folder used in each application, even when the application doesn't remember on its own.
  • Optionally force the dialog to open in a selected folder (separate for each application).
  • Define your own file type lists for any application.
  • Have any 16-bit application use the new explorer-style dialog and long file names. (Windows NT4/2000/XP only.)
  • Selectively disable File-Ex features for any application or dialog if needed.
  • Full control of Favorites lists, both global and specific to each application
  • Recent file/folder lists can be edited, cleaned, and orphaned entries automatically deleted

"I like the program more and more since I've been using it. Absolutely great - don't know how I lived without it!"
-- G. Hjelte, Willmar, MN

Current Translations available (see the Downloads page):

  • German
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • ... let us know if you would like to translate File-Ex into your language!

More Information

Have you taken the pictorial tour yet?

File and configuration dialog screen shots.

File-Ex Tips and Tricks and tips for getting started.

Requirements, revisions, and other technical details.

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